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Arguably, one of the most popular requests our company receives on a daily basis concerns Ceramic Coating packages and their benefits. A lot of people are confusing Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF) and genuinely believe that both offer similar protection. Even though in some cases there are similarities, essentially these two products are very different. (see Paint Protection Film (PPF)  for more information)

Ceramic Coatings are liquids applied to paint that harden to form a layer of hydrophobic protection. As a result, the surface energy of coated parts is reduced drastically, thus promoting water beading in rainy conditions and during car washes. In essence it allows your vehicle to stay cleaner for a longer period of time and be easier to wash. Ceramic Coating enhances chemical and swirl resistance (light marring) and it’s performance depends on the quality of the coating applied. Our company offers a variety of Ceramic Coating packages, which differ based on the number of layers and strength of the coatings themselves:

  • Beginner Package – 1 layer of Standard coating
  • Premium Package – 3 layers of Standard coating (1 stage single polish of the vehicle included)
  • Pro Package – 3 layers of Ultra coating (1 stage single polish of the vehicle included)

In addition to the above packages, we also offer special ceramic coating treatment for Paint Protection Film, windshield coating (anti-rain) and a complex of interior coatings.

All vehicles treated with Ceramic Coatings MUST undergo yearly maintenance!

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