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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

We are living in times of constant advancements in technology and this is especially noticeable in the car industry. Besides the improvements of performance and luxury, car producers are now regularly releasing new unique colors, which are instantly becoming a hit.
The owners (buyers) of cars these days, are concerned about keeping their factory paintwork protected more than ever and this is where Paint Protection Film (PPF) steps in.
Initially developed for military use in early 2000’s, PPF has entered the vehicle market by storm and we can confidently say that nothing comes even close to the level of protection it offers.
The film is very resistive and is made of completely transparent polyurethane (PU) with an approximate thickness of 200 microns (8 mils) and comes in both gloss and matte finishes.
One of the stand out features of PPF is that it is self-healing. Thus there is no need to come back for regular maintenance, as swirl marks and minor scratches disappear when the car is parked under the direct sunlight. Besides battling against stone chips and being very scratch and chemical resistant, PPF also offers great protection against other daily risks, such as insects, bird droppings and even door bumps that happen so frequently at parking lots.
We, at Project 357, are proud of being the first company in Cyprus that started offering professional Paint Protection Film installation and have an established relationship with world leading PPF manufacturers.
We are offering pre-cut and custom bulk installation options. All the films we use come with hydrophobic characteristics and up to 10 year limited warranty.
Our customers have an option of both – partial or full vehicle PPF wrap, as well as a unique opportunity of wrapping their factory gloss paintwork with matte PPF, resulting in complete appearance change, while retaining and protecting the factory color.
Protect your investment and retain the resale value of your vehicle – go PPF!


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