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Window Tinting

We give great importance and value to our customer’s privacy, comfort and protection, which is why our company always has in stock Premium “privacy” window film and our Exclusive Thermal window film.
Premium film offers 99.9% UV-light protection and customers have a choice between: VLT (Visible Light Transmission) 50%, 35%, 15% & 5%.
The philosophy behind our Exclusive Thermal film wasn’t based on privacy, but rather on offering maximum protection to passengers, interior and, as a result, reduction in petrol consumption.


There are 3 levels of this film available:
CR 90 Completely transparent: 99.9% UV-light protection & 34% heat rejection
CR 70 Slightly tinted (bluish appearance): 99.9% UV-light protection & 53% heat rejection
CR 40 Smoked effect: 99.9% UV-light protection & 60% heat rejection


Over the years Thermal film has proven to be one of our best sellers.
It is especially in demand by parents who often have their children in the car.
All window films we use come with a limited 10 year warranty and are made in the USA.


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